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Book 1 + There and Then by Greg Block
Featuring Sean Nixon

Original Compositions for Solo Guitar

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Step outside of time with Book 1 + There and Then, original music for solo guitar by Canadian guitarist and composer Greg Block. Containing over 100 pieces written from 2003-2018, and ranging from simple, complex, to more difficult arrangements, the compositions of Book 1 are bound to inspire both audience and performer.

Available here digitally in tab and standard notation, and with print copies available to order complete with beautiful artwork by Lauren Plante, Book 1 + There and Then provides worlds to explore rich in literary and musical influences, as well as much inspiration found in nature and real-life adventure.

Book 1 + There and Then includes four compositions by Canadian composer Sean Nixon. To hear performances by Greg Block and musical guests, tune in and tune out to Night Cars Podcast. To use this site, start by playing a recording and following along simultaneously on the tab.

Featured Composition

1.1.11. Lovers


Dedicated to Kyle and Jocelyne Block
Ed and Elsie Lundquist


1.1. Beach Songs (21)

1.2. Seagull (17)

1.3. Far Shores (15)

1.4. Port Royal (20)

2.1. Red Ship (13)

2.2. Coin Drop (6)

Coin Drop is an excursion into the wild and untamed.

1. In the Beginning
2. Leave Us To Our Grog
3. LUTOG, part II
4. (jungle interlude)
5. Bagheera
6. Pellaz

3.1. There and Then (20)

3.2. There and Then Sketches (18)

4.1. Sean Nixon (4)

Sean Nixon was born and raised in Calgary, AB, where he resides.

1. Ballesteros
2. Black Tree
3. Sean Island
4. Sunset Heartbreak


1.1. Beach Songs audio

1.2. Seagull audio

1.3. Far Shores audio

1.4. Port Royal audio

2.1. Red Ship audio

2.2. Coin Drop audio

3.1. There and Then audio

3.2. There and Then Sketches audio

4.1. Sean Nixon audio

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